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When I was young one of my earrings got pulled and it ripped my lobe. It didn't tare through, and it actually healed up, but because I kept wearing earrings the pricing was now at the very bottom of my ear. Because of this I can't wear heavy earring because I'm pretty sure that any pressure and it could rip straight through. 

That is why I am so excited for Silhouettes temporary tattoo paper! I get to cut out any design that I want and I have what looks like an earring. More importantly my daughter Charlotte doesn't have her ears pierced, and she desperately wants them, without getting the piercing. So this works great for kids!

What I used:
-Sillhouette Cameo
-Sillhouette Temporary Tattoo paper in gold
​-wet paper towels
You can take any design, for Charlotte I chose a butterfly from the Silhouette library, and you measure to see how small you have to make it. Once you have the right design and size you can cut it out on the Cameo and follow the instructions to the tattoo paper. I will show how it turned out for us in the pictures below.
<![CDATA[How We Disney]]>Fri, 19 Jan 2018 17:05:46 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/how-we-disneyEveryone these days are the "biggest" Disney fanatic. I definitely tried to compete in that for a while. Whenever someone would mention going to Disneyland I instantly gave them my Disney stats, you know, like how many times I've been, what we do at Disneyland, the cool things I've done that no one else has at Disneyland. Well everyone else does that too. So I decided that you cant "beat" Disney fans, you can only join in their love for Disney. 

Well we just went to Disneyland for our first family trip of the New Year. Our kids are in love with it and we are in love with them being in love with it.....make sense? We have been a good amount of times so I wanted to compile our Disneyland tips that my little family have.

Tip #1
You should definitely get to the park an hour early. That doesn't sound like much of a tip, you probably could have figured that out on your own. But here is the important part, if you get to the park early  enough they only have a select number of gates marked "entrance." Ignore that. They will always switch the "exit" gate to an entrance, and if you set up in front of one of those you will be first in line. 

Tip #2
Get the Max Pass. We did this for the first time this year and we have never had such a great 
experience. We ended up being first in line every day we went, thanks to tip number one, and usually they will scan your ticket to the Park and make you wait until the Park is officially open. You can't buy the Max Pass for that day until your ticket is scanned so while waiting for the park to open we would purchase the Max Pass and that would allow us to get first pick of the Park Hoppers. This was so nice for the Cars ride. Also throughout the day we didn't have to run back and forth to get a park hopper. Sometimes Nick would be looking on the app and find rides that had a Park Hopper starting in 5 min, so we would walk to the ride, and walk right on. It is so worth it guys. 
Tip #3
Fanny Pack. It's the best thing that ever happened to us. A few years ago we bought a water proof grey fanny pack, that my husband wears over his shoulder. And it has been a necessity for every Disney trip we have taken. We take all of our cards, debit cards, tickets, drivers license, and any other important cards, or cash and put it in the fanny pack. We can also fit our phones in to it, and any other super valuable items from our stroller.  We keep it all in the fanny pack, and we keep the fanny pack in the stroller. Then whenever we head off to a ride and leave all of our stuff, we grab the fanny pack and we never have to worry about our valuables getting stolen from our stroller while we are away. Also I want to mention that I am a huge believer of not holding things, so I grab the fanny pack and I don't even have to worry about huge bags, or holding my phone. It has been great!

Tip #4
Make your stroller stand out. This tip is treating strollers like luggage. Heres the deal, when you park your stroller theres a huge chance that it won't be where you parked it when you get back. The workers like to rearrange the strollers to fit everyones and make it nice and tidy. My tip is to put a bright ribbon, or a light on the top of your stroller so that you can spot it quickly, because I have been that person searching for my stroller and getting more and more annoyed. 
Tip #5
Last tip, and this is the most important one to Nick, get a close hotel that has a breakfast! If you want to save a ton of money you will want to pick a hotel with a complementary breakfast. Park food is pricy, delicious, but pricy. If you pick a hotel with a good breakfast you could fill up and get away with only buying lunch and dinner in the park.

Well those are my 5 tips. Let me know if you heard something new, or if your a pro and have more than I gave! 
<![CDATA[Lunch Time!]]>Mon, 08 Jan 2018 14:45:14 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/lunch-timeRecently we took a quick trip up to San Jose. While we were up there I couldn't miss my opportunity to try Mendocino Farms at their new location in Campbell.

Mendocino Farms is a sandwich market, that has fresh ingredients and an awesome family atmosphere. 
As soon as we got there my kids were all over their play area. And can I tell you how nice it was to be in a restaurant and not feel like your unwelcome because of you kids?  Because as us moms and dads know that happens, a lot.
They have the best kids menu. I don't know about your kids but mine aren't to excited about a housemade gochujang sauce like I was. But they got to pick from their favorites, like grilled cheese, and peanut butter and jelly.
From bottom left clockwise-K-town BBQ Steak Sandwich, Creminelli Nitrate-free Salami and Provolone, Grilled Cheese with Cheddar, and the Steak BLT on Pretzel.

I was so impressed with the quality and the service there. And I'm so glad they are now up in the Bay Area. 
<![CDATA[12 Things To Do On Cannery Row]]>Mon, 04 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/12-things-to-do-on-cannery-rowCannery Row in Monterey CA is one of the cutest little strips in all of California. I grew up two hours from Monterey so even before I lived here I visited almost every year. I've put together a list of my favorite stops and things to do on Cannery Row.
Take In The Sites
First of all let me tell you that I have had visitors gasp out loud at the ocean view here in Monterey.  So number one on our list is to take in the ocean view over on this part of the peninsula, find some hidden paths and you won't be disappointed. Don't forget to look for sea life. I see something every time I go. Monterey is known for its Sea Otters. 

​Street Shops
​Cannery Row has some of the best ambiance for shopping on the coast. The little trinket shops are the best place to get souvenirs. And You have to get a picture with larger than life sea otter at Sea Otter Shirts. Monterey Is known for their adorable sea otters that you can often see out in the bay.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
You can't go to Cannery Row and not visit the Aquarium. It is one of the largest aquarium in North America. And rumor has it that it was the visual inspiration for the Disney Pixar Movie "Finding Dory." Don't take my word for it though; come visit and see for yourself!

John Steinbeck Square & Monterey Canning Company Shops
Monterey's Cannery Row was made famous by John Steinbeck's book Cannery Row. Also, during WWII It became known as the "Sardine Capital of the World".  All the shops are now in what were old canning factories. Because of this, there are street bridges that intertwine all the shops throughout Cannery Row and that gives so much character to everything! John Steinbeck Square is a hub where restaurants and shops come together. Also, the Monterey Canning Company Shops are one of the only places with a public Restroom. 

The Candy Shops
There are an unusual amount of candy stores throughout Cannery Row, and most of them sell the most amazing salt water taffy. If your going with kids just know that they are around almost every corner. 

Try on Forrest Gump's Shoes

Wether you eat at Bubba Gump's or not you should stop by to get a picture sitting on the bench looking just like  Forrest himself.

McABEE Beach
McAbee Beach is the smallest stretch of beach in all of Monterey, and its entrance is right on Cannery Row.

The Green and Red Trolleys

GREEN: Monterey  Trolly rides are FREE on the weekends, They run daily Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Its the best way to beat the crowds; it travels through Downtown Monterey, The Wharf, Cannery Row, and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

​RED: The Wine Trolley gives Tours of Monterey, including a Ghost Tour of Old Monterey!

San Carlos Beach

A little ways off of Cannery Row is San Carlos Beach, The cutest strip of beach surrounded by hotels, the Coast Guard Dock and a huge lot of grass to run around on. We love to come here and most often find scuba divers gearing up to go out in the bay.

Adventures By The Sea

Here you can rent bikes, four person bikes, paddle boards, kayaks and more to take on the rec trail or out onto the bay. They have awesome workers there to help you out with anything you need.


Ghirardelli is the best place to buy chocolate and ice cream sundaes. You can sit inside, out on their front court patio, or on their back balcony looking out at the bay and McABEE Beach

Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum

These animatronic figures give you a Monterey History lesson while you walk through this cute little Wax Museum. Located inside of the Monterey Canning Company shops.
Let me know in the comments below if I've left one of your favorite things to do in Cannery Row off the list!!
<![CDATA[DIY "Kid Table" Shirts]]>Thu, 23 Nov 2017 18:36:18 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/diy-kid-table-shirtsHappy Thanksgiving!!!  My family has 11 kids in it. We love to get together and my new favorite thing for the holidays is make all the kids these adorable "kids table" shirts. I put the year on them so they can have them as a keepsake. They are so easy to make, with 5 steps. 

-Silhouette Cameo
-Silhouette Studio
​-Photoshop or Paint
-Silhouette Vinyl any color
-Silhouette transfer tape
-Silhouette  fabric paint
-A shirt to create on

I designed what I wanted the words to look like. I did this on my Photoshop Elements, but you can use Paint. After I designed it I saved it to my computer and was able to open it up in my Silhouette Studio.

After I got the design on to Silhouette Studio I was able to use the "trace" tool to make it into a curable design. Then I was able to send it to my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out.


After its cut out I take out the letters so that just the outline of them is left, and using the Silhouette transfer tape I carefully place it where I want it on the shirts, and take off the transfer tape. After that I had a stencil-like vinyl.

Then I used Silhouette black fabric paint to paint over my stencil. I made sure that I had every spot of the shirt showing. 

I let it dry and then I can take the vinyl off and I have an awesome professional looking shirt.
In collaboration with Silhouette America
<![CDATA[A Babies First Steps]]>Sun, 19 Nov 2017 16:55:25 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/a-babies-first-steps      First of all can we talk about how fast the last ten months went? When your pregnant the months go so slow! Then the months after birth go by SO FAST! It's absolutely not fair. So as you can tell by the title and my rant, Liam is walking. He is taking baby steps here and there, and still working on it.

      The first few steps are my favorite, and its also when I try to get them into shoes full time. Have you ever noticed that when you put shoes on babies while they walk they turn into Frankenstein? It just looks so uncomfortable! I have found the solution! FRESHLY PICKED Moccasins. Liam barely knows they are there. He walks naturally in them.

     I love this little shoes. They will always remind me about his first steps. They are a great keepsake, I still have the pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins that he came home from the hospital in. They just get attached to so many memories. 
In collaboration with  Freshly Picked
<![CDATA[Trying To Be A Stay At Home Mom]]>Wed, 01 Nov 2017 14:30:00 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/trying-to-be-a-stay-at-home-mom
       Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mom. A stay at home mom. In sixth grade my teacher went around the room asking what people wanted to be when they grew up, he got to me, and I proudly (guys, I'm talking proud proud) said " A stay at home mom, just like my mom!!" The classroom started laughing. They were sixth graders so of course they were laughing at me. They said "Thats not a job!" My teacher quickly came to my rescue.  I was the fourth of my family to have him for six grade, he told them " Don't you dare laugh. I have known her mom for years, and that woman is the hardest working mother out there." he then went on to give a ten minute lecture on how awesome MY mom was. It's pretty easy to  guess that I had stars in my eyes when I went home to my mom that day. I remember thinking that my mom was like a superhero.

       Even though I already knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom before then it just reaffirmed to me that I wanted my kids to feel the same sense of pride for me that I did for my amazing mother! I wanted to garnish so much respect for being the best mom that their teachers would preach to all their classmates about how awesome I was! 

        Lately I feel like that six grader again. Sitting in that classroom while everyone was laughing at me. But instead of six grade kids, its housing cost,  salary wages, college degrees, and monthly bills that are laughing hysterically at me. Where I live in California it is unheard of to only have one working parent. I sit every two weeks and have nothing but bills looking up at me basically telling me that if we want to progress in life either my husband will have to get a HUGE raise, or I will have to start working. I just don't accept that. The little girl in me is constantly yelling, "Don't give up!!"  

        I refuse to let the world decide what my life will be. I know what I want in life, I know what my family needs. I know that some of those things need sacrifices to be made but I will make them if it means that I get to raise my family the way that my husband and I want. 

<![CDATA[Living In a Fairytale]]>Sun, 29 Oct 2017 14:30:00 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/living-in-a-fairytale
Ok guys, in case you haven't heard, I'm here to let you know that DockATot has a brand new collection that just

launched. Its the Fairytale collection and I'm dying! Liam is 9 months so we got him the DockATot Grand, and I

COULD NOT pick what cover I wanted! They have so many options for covers now. I ultimately chose the "Pina

Colada" cover because I'm

in LOVE!

I absolutely love the DockATot Grand! I don't know if I could live without it! I keep it on our living room floor, or next

to me at my computer, or I will even put it on Charlottes toddler bed if I need Liam to have some peace and quiet. He

​sleeps so much better on it than he does on the floor. It

looks so cozy I wish I had one for my bed!

It was so hard to choose what cover I wanted to get, they had so many awesome new designs, like "Bananas for you"

which is banana leaves, or "Carrara Marble" that is literally a marble bed, and "La Vie En Rose" that is the prettiest

floral, and what I would pick for my adult DockATot. But they have so much more!

Check them out;
<![CDATA[Our New Favorite App]]>Sat, 28 Oct 2017 13:47:25 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/our-new-favorite-appI recently subscribed to the app Kidloland. Its this awesome learning app for kids five and under. I never put games

on my phone but I loved the idea of having one app that has a ton of multiple games for both Holden and Charlotte

​ to learn. 
I think both of their favorite part is the Monster games. They play and learn and I love that! Holden especially is just

absorbing so much from the games and shows that he watches. Thats why I feel like I have to be extra careful to

make sure his activities are uplifting, and that he can actually learn something. Kidloland is the

​ perfect place for that. We love it! 
My favorite games to put on for my kids is "Learn ABC"  When they watch the letter videos they sing about the letter
and what words start with it. It also highlights the words of the song helping kids along with their reading. I feel so much better about letting them play on this app than any other because it is 100% learning.
There are over a 1000 different activities on the app. And it is so easy for kids to maneuver through. I give it to my three year old and she goes through all like a pro. My kids love the app because it doesn't feel like learning to them, it feels like play. The colors and creative games keep their interest for a long time. Probably the best part about this kid app is that there are no ads. I hate it when I think my daughter is playing on a game and it turns out she has been searching the App Store . Kidloland is a game changer. Such a fun app for the kids. Links to download the app are below.
Here are the links to download it for yourself!
<![CDATA[DIY Fall Sign]]>Wed, 23 Aug 2017 16:06:42 GMThttp://oakpointandapple.com/oak-point-and-apple/diy-fall-signFall is my favorite season! I absolutely love decorating for fall. So i decided to make a cute and simple fall sign with my Silhouette Cameo. 
First I found this pre-made wood board from Walmart. I love the weathered grey look.
After I took this picture I decided to use my Annie Sloan Chalk paint for the words.
I found some fun Fall looking fonts for free online. Then on the Silhouette Design Studio I measured the words out and designed how I wanted it to look.
 After sending it to my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out I used the Silhouette transfer tape to stick the Silhouette vinyl on the board where i wanted the words. After its on I painted over the vinyl like a stencil. For the prices on the side I hand painted those to look more rustic. 
I love the way it turned out! I didn't need to but if you need to make the letters look older and worn just lightly rub some fine sand paper over them.
Have A Happy Fall Yall!